The Last Sunrise

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                                       If you ask for an edit,send the info to Kerli's myspace page.If you are asking for a custom lyt,send your emal adress,pw,and favorite things to her myspace. If you do not keep,or give credit to her,you will be forced to,and we will no longer serve you.Please accept all rules on this page.Please enjoy what we give you,and please send us prove of credit and whored.If you ask for a character idea,send me a message on myspace -or- . <----Those are cantact places.If you request a layout,send your pw,email adress,fave color,and symbols you like,in a myspace or yahoo message.If you request a roleplay starter,ask in msg on myspace or yahoo.Please please please do what the rules say,if you win the record of most valuable and trustful person,you get free layouts,